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I am grateful even just to arrive at Dina’s class and to share the practice with her students. Dina meets each of us where we are at that day, that hour, and gently invites us to move forward physically and spiritually. Thank you, Dina!

Krysten H., Los Altos, CA

I have been participating in Dina’s yoga classes for over five years now.  I enjoy her good mix of challenging and restorative poses, along with her focus on positivity and gratitude.  It was an oasis of community in the pandemic’s desert of isolation.

Sasha R, Los Altos, CA

I took Dina’s classes 2-3 times a week for more than a year before the pandemic, and during the pandemic have returned to her classes over and over. Her calm and thoughtful presence invites me to settle my monkey mind and focus on the moment. What I appreciate most about Dina’s classes are the long sequences she builds the first half of class.  They truly allow my body to get warmed up so I can work deeper into poses.  Dina’s classes often push me to my edge, but she creates such a supportive space that I never feel pressure to go further than is safe for my body. Thank you, Dina!

Elizabeth S., Monterey, CA

Dina brings her whole self to every class she teaches. And that means all her knowledge as well as all her passion, which hasn’t dimmed in the ten years I’ve been practicing with her. At the end of her class, she is always one of the things I’m grateful for.

Tessa F., Los Alto, CA

Dina’s classes are dynamic and challenging. Her sequences integrate the breath with power and flexibility while maintaining accessibility.  As a former athlete, deep into middle age I have always come out of her classes with an endorphin high. 

Bala, Monterey, CA

Dina's classes are uplifting, engaging, and empowering. Dina and the community she has fostered in her classes are so welcoming and kind. She is able to make challenging parts of the practice feel fun and accessible. I left her class feeling more confident and empowered in my body. Thank you Dina!

Hana R, La Honda, CA

Dina shows an amazing sense of rhythm and mood in her yoga instruction. Her voice rises and falls with vinyasa flow like waves on the ocean. I love Dina’s yoga classes. The music is so perfect, with a wonderfully meditative vibe. She doesn’t start until part way in and it always comes at just the right time, really grounding me. Dina never asks a student to do something she herself cannot do. This makes her seem more authentic to me. This creates a trust that makes it easier to push through difficult poses.

Dina’s zoom yoga is amazing. She is the only instructor I’ve seen who practices everything she teaches. It’s really inspiring.

Kelvin S., Portland, OR

I have been taking Dina’s classes for over 3 years, both at Yoga of Los Altos and her personal Zoom classes.  She is a remarkable teacher.  Her classes are very popular, and it is apparent why that is. She puts so much energy into every class.  You really feel she cares about each of her students: in the group classes, she will walk around while maintaining the flow and make individual adjustments.   She always offers alternatives for those who are not as advanced (like me) vs. those who want more difficult poses.  The flow of her classes is subtly complex.  She relaxes you with opening breathing and stretching positions, then moves through the faster aerobic sequences that get you sweating, then into a slower sequence of poses that allow breathing and muscle relaxation.  The last portions of her Vinyasa classes are usually deep stretching/breathing poses.  Over the years, I have noticed her commentary during classes serves as directional and explanatory on one level, but you are also taking it in as hypnotic sounds that merge with the movements.  Kind of interesting.  And it still amazes me how she is able to move elegantly through the exertions while continuing the commentary without losing her breath.  My body always feels great after Dina’s classes.

John M. Mountain View, CA

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