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About ME

It’s Time for Yoga

From an early age, I loved movement. As a child, you could find me in front of the mirror dancing. In my teenage years I moved to the stage, training and performing as a ballet and folk dancer. My love of movement led me to try a yoga class at a local fitness center where I lived in Ukraine. I immediately fell in love with yoga  - the graceful postures combined with the physical challenge and intensity drew me in. I found that yoga not only brought physical strength, but also mental clarity and inner stillness. I became more familiar with my thoughts and more skilled at pausing and choosing which thoughts to engage with. Through this subtle shift in thinking, I was learning to respond rather than react to life. I began to practice and study yoga and meditation regularly, and eventually completed a yoga teacher training program after moving to the U.S. with my daughter.

I established a new life in the U.S., with yoga as a central piece. I found a home in the community at the yoga studios where I practiced and taught, and found confidence and inner strength from my practice I did not know I had. In my vinyasa classes, you can expect pranayama (breathwork), meditation, and dynamic yoga asanas (postures).

Thank You!

I would love to honor my teachers who have sculpted me into the teacher and person I am today. Bows of gratitude to Roman Rokotel (Ukraine), Jillian Glikbarg,  Rod Stryker, Dharma Mittra, Elena Brower, Stephanie Chee Barae, Kristine Tom, Hana Raftery, Steve Schmidt and Maralle Fakhereddin.

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